Automist Smartscan

Automist Smartscan

Its here! The new intelligent Automist Smartscan has a rotating head that scans the area, identifies the highest heat source and then directly targets the fire with a powerful jet of water mist.

The system has been shown to achieve the same performance as residential fire sprinklers but uses 90% less water. This extinguishes the fire and results in far less water damage to the surrounding area.

Automist Smartscan has been tested by independent third parties against BS 9252 & BS 8458. The system passed the same performance criteria that are applied to conventional sprinkler systems even if the fire was near or far, shielded or ventilated.

Innovative Water Mist Fire Suppression

Watch the latest video demonstrations of the Automist Smartscan to see how effectively it deals with fires in various situations.


  • Directly Targets the source of the fire
  • Effective Fire Suppression
  • Nozzles have been tested to adapted fire test requirements for British Standard BS 8458, but note that the systems are not compliant with this standard.
  • Minimises water damage
  • Easily Fitted with minimal disruption.
  • Low maintenance – minutes per year

See the new multi-head
Automist Smartscan Hydra

Technical Data

Spray Head : 50mm deep wall box mounted 1200-1300 mm from ground

Activation Method : Ceiling mounted heat detector triggers scanning infra-red heat source detector.

Suppression: 5.6 litres per minute vertical water mist blade with droplets less than 100 microns in size.

Pump: 385 mm high by 216 mm long by 151 mm wide. Weighing 6 kg

Water Supply: A 15mm/ 1/2″ cold feed with a washing machine connector 3/4″ BSP connection to the pump unit.

Electrics: 10A 230V electrical supply with suitable type C circuit breaker or fuse.

Example Cost

  • Partial sprinkler system cost plus pump and tank typically £2,500.00
  • Automist system complete Approx £1,700.00

To obtain an exact costing for your particular project please feel free to email us for a no obligation quotation.