Some Water Mist System – Typical Cost

It is impossible to give you an exact cost of an Water Mist System to suit your particular circumstances without knowing more about your individual needs and possibly seeing plans for the property. However, we can give some indications of typical prices.

Our installations can often be a single unit with one or two nozzles and the supply and installation costs can be very economical.

Of course the price of installation will vary but usually, our system can be installed and commissioned in one day keeping your overall costs in control.

We offer all our customers a fixed price for the installation. No tricks, no hidden extras.

The cost-benefit consideration is that normal sprinkler systems are more economical to supply and install but they do need a larger water supply which can be a very expensive additional cost.

Our Water Mist system will almost always be run off your existing domestic water supply without the need for tanks or new water mains.

Our systems are compact and fit easily into kitchen base units or cupboards. Just add water and an electrical supply.

Example Cost

  • Partial sprinkler system cost plus pump and tank typically £2,500.00
  • Water Mist system complete Approx £1.700.00

To obtain an exact costing for your particular project please feel free to email us for a no obligation quotation.