Water Mist Systems Installer

Nationwide Fire Sprinklers offer national installations of water mist systems.
We are the leading water mist fire suppression system installation company in the UK


Nationwide Fire Sprinklers.

Accredited Installers of Water Mist Systems

 – the stylish and effective water mist fire suppression system.

Water Mist Systems are a relatively low cost alternative to conventional fire sprinklers and utilises innovative water mist technology to provide active fire protection in suitable locations. The heads incorporating the nozzles can be stand-alone in stylish unobtrusive panels and are located at strategic points in the room.

Please Note:

Nationwide Fire no longer provide quotations for watermist in domestic applications due to the high number of inappropriate systems and poor quality installation companies operating in this sector of our industry.

We now only provide watermist systems for commercial applications such as hotels, care homes, HMO’s and other Ordinary Hazard 1 applications.

We no longer offer “Domestic High Pressure mist systems” due to the above and also their non-compliance in some cases plus a lot of building control areas will not accept them.


To obtain an exact costing for your particular project please feel free to email  for a no obligation quotation.


Nationwide Fire Sprinklers

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